Massages at The Secret Beauty Garden are designed to help you relax, recentre, recharge & escape the worries that life can bring. Whether you need a massage to release tension, soothe aching muscles, reduce stress, or give peace to a noisy mind our secret oasis will have you feeling brand new.

Lie on a heated bed surrounded by tranquil music, ambient lighting, essential oils, and a therapist that truly cares.

Full Body Massage (60 mins) £86
Our 60-minute full body massage includes feet, legs, back, arms, hands, and head. However, all of our massages are tailored to suit your needs so if you just want the back of the body or no head massage, that is no problem at all!

Relaxing Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins £48) or (45 mins £59)
Feel your shoulders drop and muscles loosen. Our back, neck and shoulder massage will leave you leaving refreshed – particularly for those who spend days hunched over desks in the office. Just let our therapist know where you are in most pain and what pressure you like and she will be sure to accommodate.

Hot Stone Massage (45 mins £70) or (60 mins £90)
This type of massage treatment involves the use and placement of heated rocks on different points of the body. This warming treatment helps your body rebalance and harmonise while relaxing and rejuvenating your muscles. A mixture of stones & hands is used to give the best treatment possible.

Secret Garden Signature Treatment 45 mins £60
Our 45-minute signature treatment. Lie on a heated bed in a calm and tranquil oasis and forget about all your worries. This treatment includes a back exfoliation, back massage, hand, arm & head massage 

Detox Brightening Booster (90 mins) £120
This 80-minute invigorating, brightening treatment involves body brushing & lemongrass, juniper berry & cypress essential oils being massaged into the legs and back, not only helping boost circulation but also helping to soothe aching tired muscles. Once the body is feeling amazing again, a 30 min facial will be carried out using a fruit enzyme super peel and detoxifying face mask to help lift & brighten a dull, dehydrated & blemished complexion.

Half & Half (60 mins) £98
Struggling to decide if you want a facial or a massage? Double-up on your treatment with a 30-minute massage and 30-minute facial. A great introduction to both treatments. Treat your skin and your body in this 1 hour session. 

Bespoke Pregnancy Massage (60 mins) £86
This full body massage will have you feeling rested and cared for ready to take on the world. We know how hard it is to be pregnant and to be a mother. Taking time out for you is never easy. Enjoy the escape and we can tailor this massage to suit how you feel on the day. Plain or rose oil will be used depending on client requirements.

See below for massage treatment prices.

AreaPer Treatment
Full Body (60 Mins)£86
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 Mins)£48
Back, Neck & Shoulder (45 Mins)£59
Hot Stone (45 Mins)£70
Hot Stone (60 Mins)£90
Detox Brightening Booster£120
Half & Half£97
Bespoke Pregnancy Massage£86