Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Our salon values consist of acting professionally, fairly and in a caring manner.  Should an issue arise prior to, during, or after your treatment, we will strive to resolve this in the best way we can.


If you have an issue with your Manicure/Pedicure (e.g: chipped polish) we will fix this free of charge within 7 days of your appointment, this extends to 7-14 days post-appointment should it be a single nail only that requires fixing. 


If you have any issues with your Lash Extensions, you must report this within 1 day of your appointment and your lashes will be removed and replaced free of charge.  If you unfortunately have a reaction to Lash Extensions this must also be reported within 1 day of your appointment and we will remove them free of charge and a refund will be issued.  If you notice considerable lash fall out within 1 week and you have followed the correct lash aftercare, we will infill them free of charge within this time-period only.

Please note: it is hard for us to determine the cause of this issue as it may be due to many factors including, humidity, medication, hair growth, underlying conditions, make-up removers etc.  If this problem arises again while the client is following the correct aftercare, then we would advise that this treatment is perhaps not a great suit.


We do not offer refunds on any purchase of our course packages.


Clients may cancel any bookings and receive a full refund of any payment made, prior to our cancellation period of 24 hours.  Any cancellations after this period will be subject to a cancellation fee/deposit loss.  If an appointment has not been cancelled/rescheduled before the applicable cancellation period and the client does not attend appointment, the salon reserves the right to charge the client the remaining balance of the appointment cost including loss of deposit.