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Massage is big business!

Possible salary from your career in massage:

Work 8 hours a day doing 12 back massages

Charge £35 per client

Make £105,000 per year including 2 weeks off!!!!

*Our calculation is based off  50 weeks so you get a 2 week holiday! :O)


Kit Includes:

Towel kit

Massage oil


 What you will learn:


Performing the perfect massage all starts with a thorough consultation. We’ll teach you the key to finding out exactly what your clients wants and needs are and how you can help them.


You will learn how to carry out traditional massage techniques used in Swedish massage. Performing on the front and back of the body including the face and scalp, this complete massage bundle of practical and theory will train you up to feel confident in delivering a therapeutic and professional massage.

You will be taught both theory in Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and an easy to learn practical sequence which will enable you to perform a 1 hour treatment confidently.



You will be taught to recommend aftercare to clients to ensure they get the most out of their massage and feel good for aslong as possible & let them know how often they should be  rebooking.



What benefits are there from training with us?

  • You will receive more quality practical training hours than other providers, allowing you to develop your skills to the highest level. Something we are sure you will agree your clients will expect.
  • As a private training academy, we will train you to the highest standard with our thorough and condensed courses.
  •  You will get a course specific starter kit so you can practice while you learn on friends and family. As the famous saying goes, practice makes perfect!
  • All training is carried out in a happy safe and controlled environment.
  • Classes are limited to 6 students, so you get a personal learning experience with your tutor.
  • Your tutor is an internationally recognised CIDESCO educator with a life-long passion to beauty and a dedication to helping you become an elite beauty therapist within the industry.



 Trained to exceptional standards because WE CARE.

Be the BEST at what you do and change your life for the better.


You will be helping someone less fortunate out:

We take profits from our training courses and use them to help train young vulnerable adults who are referred to us from charities & organisations we work along side.

When can I train in the massage course?

Just book your course online today and we shall send you your training membership and instructions on how to start your online theory. Once that is complete the practical training for this course is the 3rd Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of every month.


How do I book?

Book online here….. or email us direct if you have any further questions.

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Payment Options

Pay for Theory now and Practical later, Pay Full Amount