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Medik8 and my skin journey

Having been in the industry for 23 years, I have used many different skincare products.

All skincare has a story behind it. I even tried to make my own skincare once. I thought how hard can this be?! So I ordered a multitude of ingredients, some new pots, and pans, and got to work in my very small kitchen. It was all going well until I tried to recreate my favourite Elemis face mask, Fruit rejuvenating mask. I used to swear by it back in the day when I went out partying at the weekend. I would go out on a Friday night, feel and look awful on the Saturday but somehow putting this mask on the next day enabled me to get my party frock back on and out I went on the Saturday as well with a spring in my step! (If I went out 2 nights now I would be in bed for 6 months and there would be no mask in the world that could save me!!)

Needless to say, mixing kiwi and strawberry extract isn’t as simple as it seems! My face pretty much turned scarlet instantly and swelled up to the size of a hot air balloon! I remember calling my mum, crying down the phone that I had burnt my face off and it’s getting hotter by the second!

 With advanced skincare, it all depends which story grabs your attention or perhaps you just go for price or smell. I know is used to!

I have used brands such as Dermalogica,  Gatineau (no not the cake!) the beautiful marine-based products from Thalgo and of course I couldn’t possibly have been in the industry for so long and not have worked with award-winning Elemis. In fact when I opened my very first salon aka converted garage I was very saddened to learn that I could not get Elemis as they only supplied larger establishments. 

When I moved into the larger beauty salon in Edinburgh on Morrison Street, the first people I called was indeed Elemis. I felt like I had finally reached the top of the mountain. You know THAT peak you reach when you realise there are many more mountains in front of you!

Fast forward a few years and I finally feel settled with award-winning UK Skincare brand Medik8.

Medik8 is a cosmeceutical product.  You can read more about this in my article explaining the difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics.

The founder of Medik8 Elliot Isaacs studied physiology at the University of Leeds alongside pharmacology and biochemistry. After backpacking the globe, Elliot was inspired to create the world-renowned Medik8 cosmeceutical brand. He then built it up from a tiny lab in the back of his Dad’s pharmacy. 

Read more about the founder via Medk8.

What I love about Medik8 is that it does exactly what it says it will do, it is not focused just on smelling pretty and it is probably one of the most affordable cosmeceuticals I have ever purchased.

Having suffered from melasma pigmentation since 2010, being dedicated to Medik8 it has reduced its appearance by at least 70%. Don’t get me wrong if I fried my face in the sun with no SPF my brown spots can surface very quickly but this is yet another thing I love about Medik8 they are so passionate about the importance of using SPF.

 Over the last 4 years, my skincare routine has increased to using 7 products a day. 

Don’t let this scare you! Your skin journey should start simple and grow. If any skincare company tries to sell you a ‘cream that does it all’ they are lying!

Medik8 products are designed to be layered. These layers will include cleansers, toners, hydrating serums, vitamin c , retinol to name but a few. For a full guide to Medik8s layering regime see the following link

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What is the difference between cosmeceuticals & cosmetics?

What is the difference between cosmeceuticals & cosmetics?

In very simple terms Cosmetics sit on the skin surface and work superficially, whereas cosmeceuticals can penetrate deeper, therefore, doing the job they are designed to do.

You can’t apply castor oil to your face in the hope you will have hydrated, vibrant skin. It’s not going anywhere apart from sitting on the surface, blocking your pores not to mention creating an oil slick. (blotting paper would be required!)

Cosmeceuticals consist of active ingredients. These are biologically active substances that offer the very best when it comes to bringing beneficial effects.  These active ingredients feed, nourish & heal your skin as they work at a much deeper level. They penetrate the ‘epidermis’ (top layer of skin) and can reach right down to the dermis. It is in the dermis that you will find connective tissue such as collagen and elastin. 

What does collagen and elastic actually do?

Collagens’ main role is to provide strength, structure & support. Elastin’s main role is to provide stretchiness in your body. Interesting fact for you elastic is approximately 1000 times stretchier than collagen! ( I know you will sleep better knowing that fact!)

As we age collagen and elastin production becomes sluggish therefore making our skin sag and wrinkle. (Sorry it is inevitable)

Now even though we really need our products to reach the dermis let’s not forget the importance of the epidermis! 

The primary function of the epidermis is to protect your body by keeping things that might be harmful out and keeping the things your body needs to function properly in.

The cells that make up the epidermis are continually being shed and replaced by new cells. The fat glands and blood vessels from the dermis provide nutrients to the epidermis keeping the skin layers healthy. 

Oh and one last thing, just so you know, the epidermis actually consists of its very own 5 layers of skin! (we shall keep that for another day though!)

NOW Cosmetics can only do so much to heal your skin. Biologically, they cannot penetrate the dermal-epidermal junction of the skin which is the space between your epidermis and dermis. What they can do is maintain and clean the surface where they are applied.

So in a nutshell the job of a cosmeceutical is to correct or change the physiology of your skin, even enabling them to cure and prevent certain diseases & protect your cells.