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JL Formulations

Our NEW and exciting skin care product now in store!

JL is an advanced cosmeceutical skincare brand combining super antioxidants, peptides, plant stem cells using latest technologies. Our skincare is designed to nourish, anti age, revitalise and protect skin from free radical damage, dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, scarring, dehydration and inflammation. We searched for over a year for a product that could help combat ageing, pigmentation & acne and finally fell in love with this amazing Scottish brand.

  • Face & Eye makeup remover

    Price £14/28

    Benefits: clarifies, cleanses, refreshes

    Ingredients: glycerin, chamomile, citric acid, aloe

    Effectively lifts impurities, oil and makeup prior to cleansing. This rich formula removes all traces of waterproof and long-wearing makeup. Amazing alternative to skin wipes which actually dry out your skin.
  • Exfoliating cleanser

    Price £17.50/32.50

    Benefits: purifies, exfoliates, corrects

    Ingredients: Glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid

    This powerful cleanser is designed to address acne, ageing, pigmentation and problematic skin. Gently dissolve daily build up of make-up and oil. Reveal a radiantly youthful looking complexion.
  • Skin scrub

    Price £34

    Benefits: cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates

    Ingredients: Amber, honey & Magnesium Glucomate.

    Natural Spa Skin Scrub is a gentle Exfoliating scrub that uses Amber granules to deliver a mild exfoliation. This aromatic treasure is a pleasure to the senses that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, totally rejuvenated. The exfoliating amber particles completely dissolve before reaching the ocean therefore no sea life are harmed unlike with other exfoliators on the market.
  • Foaming cleanser

    Price £17/29

    Benefits: removes dirt and regenerating cells

    Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil & Vits A, C, E & F. 

    Helps influence collagen growth which helps to reduce wrinkles and restore a firmer, smoother and younger looking appearance. Included in a deep cleansing foam, JL Formulations Natural Spa Cleanser helps deliver skin nourishing and collagen boosting vitamins in an invigorating and rejuvenating wash
  • Face & Body refiner

    Price £45

    Benefits: soothes, exfoliates, hydrates

    Ingredients: Jojoba, strawberry & apple

    Miracle Face & Body Refiner delivers a gentle exfoliation, moisture and a blissful strawberry aroma to the skin. Packed with antioxidants to protect the skin from exposure to daily stressors caused by the environment.
  • Vitamin C serum

    Price £85

    Benefits: lightens, brightens, detoxifies

    Ingredients:  20% pure vitamin C

    Antioxidant Super Serum specifically designed to actively boost natural hydration. Encourages skin to lighten, brighten and create a clearer complexion. Great for pigmented and dull or damaged skin. Recommended use 2 bottles per year.
  • Essential moisture

    Price £64

    Benefits: hydrates, nourishes, protects

    Ingredients: ceramides & peptides

    Created to replenish the skins natural lipid quantity, by restoring essential lipids which are lost to ageing, washing or stress. Restores moisture, protects the skin’s natural barrier and helps protect it against harm from foreign elements.
  • Super moisturiser

    Price £45/75

    Benefits: Hydrating, nourishing, plumping

    Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Jojoba & Apricot

    This light weight hydrating cream encourages the growth of new collagen fibers, to restore a more vibrant and youthful appearance. More suited to a combination skin.
  • Eye lift cream

    Price £52

    Benefits: lighten, tighten, hydrate

    Ingredients: quinoa seed extract, squalane, hyaluronic acid & butchers broom

    Restore a youthful and captivating gaze with JL Looking Younger Eye Lift Cream. This miracle cream uses 3 incredible ingredients to directly fight the cause of dark circles and puffiness.
  • SPF 30 spray

    Price £32.50

    Benefits: Light weight spray, high protection

    Ingredients: synthetic beeswax, titanium dioxide

    JL Protector Sunscreen SPF 30 comes in a lightweight spray that dries instantly when applied and a perfect moisturiser spf for the guys who want every product to be quick and easy.  Petite spray can be carried in your handbag.

  • Price £34.50

    Benefits:  hydrates, protects, colour suits all

    Ingredients: Zinc SPF30 . One colour adapts to all skin tones.

    For those of us who love the natural look. We introduce a lovely tinted moisturizer with a SPF 30. These days we are giving the name BB to these creams due to the fact that we are not only protecting your skin from the environment, we are also giving the skin moisture and a lovely colour and tone too!
  • Glycolic home kit

    Price £50

    Benefits: deep penetrations, absorption, preparation

    Ingredients: glycolic

    Perfect Skin At home Glycolic Corrector is ideal for a gentle weekly deep cleanse to remove impurities and build up of oil. Targeting many skin concerns. 
  • Miracle Facelift

    Price £20 or 2 for £30

    Benefits: hydrates, plumps, corrects

    Ingredients: euterpe oleracea (acai) fruit extract, perilla frutescens extract, A hyaluronic acid

    Dramatically lifts and firms the skin around fine lines & wrinkles. Tightens & strengthens damaged collagen. Anti-oxidants fight free radical damage to create healthy youthful skin. 2ml vial = 15 applications
  • Future Skin

    Price £99

    Benefits: Firms, Rejuvenates & Stimulates


    Within Future Skin Bop-Placenta formula, technologically advanced ingredients work synergistically to activate skin to function as it did in its youth. This super serum helps minimise the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, supports thin, fragile skin and increases elasticity as it regenerates and restructures. With regular use, it will work to firm, fortify and re-densify, whilst providing nutrition by delivery vital support for healthy skin.
  • Power collagen

    Price £89

    Benefits: Smooth’s, Plumps & Firms


    A comprehensive collagen boosting formula designed to massively stimulate the manufacturing of dermal collagen and collagen care.
  • Smart Retinol 0.5%

    Price £85

    Benefits: renews, refresh & rejuvenate


    Intuitively target individual skin concerns and is clinically proven to target uneven skin tone, texture, lines & wrinkles.